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Basic info

The Shiu lab is located in the Department of Plant Biology, Michigan State University. We are interested in questions about the evolution of duplicate genes. In particular, our research is focused on determining when gene duplication occurred, how it happened, and why certain genes tend to have a higher probability of being kept after duplication. We address these questions using both computational and experimental approaches. Contact information:

S-2265 Molecular Plant Sciences Bldg.
Dept. of Plant Biology
Michigan State University, 
East Lansing, MI, 48824
Lab phone #: 517-353-7244
PI office #: 517-353-7196
Email: shius at msu-nospam dot edu (remove "-nospam")

This place can be hard to find. Here is the detailed direction to our lab.

Members of the lab

See the people link.

Research projects

See the research projects link.


The lab is equipped to conduct standard molecular genetic experiments on plants, fungi, or bacteria. The space can house up to 6 researchers for bench work comfortably. We also have 3 standard growth chambers and 1 room for media preparation.

In addition, we also have an in house computing cluster, Calculon, built by our previous building sys admin, irq13, otherwise known as Bryan Murphy. This is a 5-node cluster with dual Opteron dual-core CPUs in each. Four nodes have 2GB RAM and one has expanded to 16GB to accommondate the needs for memory intensive bioinformatic analyses. Bryan has generated a document on how he built it.

This site is built on MediaWiki but anonymous editing is disabled. If for some reasons you want to contribute, please contact shius at msu dot edu.