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2008-2009,M.S. ,Dept of Probability and Statistics, Michigan State University

2001-2006,Ph.D., Dept of Plant Science,Peking University,P.R.China

1997-2001,B.Sc.,College of life science,Beijing Normal University,P.R.China

chengzou at
S308 Plant biology lab
Michigan State University

Cheng has left the lab after five-year happy life here.

Are you missing Cheng or are you interested in the stuff she has accomplshed in the lab?

For the first question, go and visit her in Beijing, China.

For the second question, here is the directions:

  • Are you looking for her experiment result ?

The digital version of my gel images in my note book can be easilly found on calculonat  zou/gel_images

  • Are you looking for her scripts?

I have summarized my protocols in this website.

On calculon, every result can be traced back by the date it generated and the command lines saved under her home direcory every month.

  • Result by publication

They all have three copies. One is on my backup drive, one is on DVD and I have a local backup.

2009 Zou,Plant phys ----zc_calculon_backup

2009 Zou, Plos genetics --- zc_calculon_backup

2009 Lehti-Shiu,Plant phys --- zc_calculon_backup --09-Milissa.tar.bz2

2011 Hua Z, Plos one ---HPC-backup -- Fbox.tar.bz2

2011 Day phytophthora ----zc_calculon_backup 2011_Day_phytophthora.tzr.bz2

For cis-logic on HPC ---HPC-backup ---Motif_run.tzr.bz2

  • If I helped you generated some information that has not been published, please go to side_project on calculon: 


  • Undergraduate student I mentored has their scripts in my calculon folder too

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