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Module 1: Unix and programming

The goal of this module is to provide information on:

  1. An overall introduction to the course.
  2. What UNIX is and how to navigate in the UNX environment.
  3. A tutorial of basic python programming.
  4. A refresher of basic statistics and using R

The materials are delivered over four weeks in seven 1.5hr sessions. For each session, there is a corresponding exercise to go through.

  • Week 1
    • Course introduction
    • UNIX basics
  • Week 2
    • Python programming 1. Variable, expression, and statements.
    • Python programming 2. String manipulation, function, and conditionals.
  • Week 3
    • Python programming 3. I/O, control loop, and list.
  • Week 4
    • Python programming 4. Error handling and dictionary.
    • Basic statistics and R.

Module 2: "Classical" bioinformatics


Module 3: Omics data analysis